As lead web and SharePoint specialist for the Digital Media Team in the Strategic Communications Cell (SCC) F-35 Joint Program Office, Marty provided innovative design and automated workflow solutions for both internal and external websites.

He worked with the JPO STARS mentoring team to design and develop a digital home for the group in modern SharePoint online.

He developed a tracking system using MS365 tools to help leadership track and manage the hundreds of job requests for the Digital Media team, using Microsoft Forms, advanced switching mechanisms with Power Automate and SharePoint lists.

He designed and developed branding for the F-35 Historical “Blast from the Past” team, collaborated on interviews and research with former pilots, and helped design and develop web and graphic assets for the campaign.

Collaborated with the Microsoft infrastructure team to design and develop a modern SharePoint online communications site and agency intranet homepage that provided vital news and information to the JPO’s 2000+ government, military, and contractor personnel.